Pre Sea Campus Training

Pre Sea Campus Training

Pre-Sea Training Campus for G.P Rating at UDVADA:

Marine Training Academy, UDVADA is located amidst lush and scenic surroundings about 4 kms from the Daman coast and near to Vapi in south Gujarat. The Academy is easily accessible by road/ rail, the nearest main railway station being Udvada & Vapi, with frequent train services on the western railway. from Borivali (Mumbai) the distance is 120 kms & 2hrs journey by road / train. MTA Campus It is spread over more than 16 acres of NA ( Non Agricultural ) land in Udvada near the railway station in south Gujarat. The pre-sea residential courses along with modular courses are conducted in this new premises at Udvada. There are four buildings / blocks viz., Academic block, Workshop block, Hostel block and the Dinning block are situtade. This sizes of rooms an each block are meet At our Udvada Academy, we conduct the Pre-Sea Training Course for G.P Ratings , which is a residential course with a duration of six months including fourteen days for the mandatory STCW' 2010 courses, namely P.S.T., P.S.S.R., E.F.A., F.P.F.F.and STSDSD courses. Trainees are roused at 05.30 hrs. and physical/ parade training is conducted. Classes commence at 0900 hrs. There is a lunch break of one hour and classes continue in the afternoon. There is a 15 minutes tea break in the fore noon and afternoon sessions. Practical and workshop training is conducted to familiarize trainees with the various equipment they will be working with on a ship. A 50 feet high ship type mast has been provided within the Academy premises to practice mast and rope climbing. After academic session, trainees play indoor/ outdoor games. A gymnasium is provided within the Academy campus.

Ground Floor:

Comprises of the Reception and Waiting Area, Total 12 rooms are available on the ground floor, out of which 1 room for the Principal's office, 1 for Faculties , 1 for Instructors and 1 for Office staff. These rooms are well furnished and provided with four computers, 2 printers, 1 Copier machine, 4 telephones (landline)and 2 mobile phones dedicated for office matters. Two spacious and well equipped classrooms (40 trainees each) are provided for the Pre-Sea Training for G.P. Ratings Course. Out of 5 class rooms of capacity for 20 candidates, one each is dedicated to PST, EFA, PSSR, FPFF, STSDSD, CTFC courses. Two separate Toilets with sufficient urinals, washbasins, W.C.s, washrooms are provided.

First Floor:

Comprises of 11 rooms and 2 toilets. As of date 1 big size room is dedicated for a Library, 1 room for bridge simulator, 1 room for computer laboratory with 14 stations, and 1 room for Academy Director.

Workshop Block: ( Two storied building ):

Comprises of big verandah and SIX separate spacious interconnected rooms of size 60 m2 each, fully equipped with various Deck & Engine items for workshop practical as laid down in DGS guidelines

Hostel Block: ( Three Storied building

A separate hostel block with three storied building is provided for 120 trainees. The hostel rooms are adequate sized and provide with washbasin, attached toilet & bathroom are provided. 2 beds in a room, each for 1 trainee. Each room accommodates 2 students and has adequate ventilation, lights & curtains, study table with chair and cupboards with lockers. provided for the trainees. Two separate rooms on each floor have recreation rooms of size 40 m2, with TV, VCD and provided with player, carrom, scrabbles are provided. There is a separate room provided on the ground floor for the medical emergencies with adequate items of firsted aids. A separate gymnasium room is dedicated on the ground floor for physical development. On each floor a room for the duty warden & officer in provided.

Dining Block:

A separate dinning block of two storied is provided adjoining to the hostel block, of around 200 m2 ,comprising of kitchen area of 80 m2 with vitrified tiles till the ceiling level and trainees seating area of 120 m2, well enough to accommodate 100 students at one time. Well dequate windows, fans, exhaust fans, lights and best of the galley equipments are installed. A Separate room for provision storage is provided . We serve fresh organic vegetable meals from our own farm.


Rooms on all floors of the institute are provided with T. V. and indoor games like Table Tennis, carom board, chess, scrabble, magazines, news papers and a separate room has been provided the ground floor for etc. For outdoor recreations the institute has a playground for playing volleyball, football, cricket, etc

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